Win Tickets to Adoption Rocks!

Have you ever seen one of the Neville Brothers live? Have you ever seen live fire dancers? Have you ever wanted to help children? Well you can by participating in a fun contest to go to the Adoption Rocks concert and event this Friday night, November 13th at The Long Center for Performing Arts. There […]

The Rise Of The South

Latin America

he South is rising.

Not the Confederacy. I’m talking about the whole rest of the American continent south of the U.S. – Mexico border.

Yeah, that region. A region with more than 500 million in population.

Are you missing the boat in Latin America?

Latin America is fast becoming a place to outsource software development, web development and design. Proximity, time-zone advantages, and cultural affinity makes it an ideal place to find outsourcers.

Tequila Sunrise: The Rise of Mexico 2.0


The rise of Web 2.0 in Mexico can almost be attributed entirely to one man, Mauricio Pastrana, who is helping to transform Mexico’s web culture through the use of an open web 2.0 community.

Nearshore 2.0 part 2: Interview with Matt Pérez and Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez and Matt Pérez

Interview with Nearsoft COO and CEO Matt Pérez and Roberto Martinez about the nearshore experience and the keys to success to selling in the U.S.